Photo Memory

A couple years ago I created a little app to both test and train photographic memory skills.

It is extremely simple but effective. You click on the numbered circles in order, but as soon as you click on circle number 1, all the numbers inside the other circles disappear, and you have to rely on your memory to know which circle contained which number. This is a true test of photographic memory skills, and you can use the app to train your memory. Gradually increase the number of rings and see how many you can remember, and more importantly, how quickly you can memorize them. The timer keeps track of how long it takes you, but is only updated each time you click on the window.  Time starts the moment a new “board” is displayed.

-Right click on the window to change the number of rings or modify any other options.

Microsoft’s .NET framework 3.5 or greater is required to run this app.

Download: Photo Memory Rings

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