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Michael Buble is disgraceful for ripping off Sara Bareilles

Up until now it hasn’t been like me to just hop on the computer to blog about pop culture of any sort, but this morning I heard a horrible song on the radio while I was lying in bed, and I felt compelled now to share with you my disgust.

A couple of years ago Sara Bareilles appeared on the scene with a super-catchy tune called Love Song.  One of the things that made it so catchy, and probably the defining quality of the song, is the main piano riff, which has a fun and unique sort-of jazzy cadence.

Fast forward to this morning when I woke up in bed to one of the worst radio stations in the country, Mix 107.3 FM.  It’s one of the local stations here in Washington DC, and they’ve got this guy who calls himself Jack Diamond and hosts the Jack Diamond In The Morning show.  I have the dial on my clock radio set to this station because as much as I hate it, every other station is even worse when it comes to the morning programming.  So, under protest, I continue to leave my 23 year-old clock radio set to Mix 107.3 hoping that one of two things happen.  Either A, I wake up to a song instead of to the Jack Diamond morning talk show, or B, I wake up to a substitute show and host instead of Jack Diamond and his extremely lame sidekick Jimmy something-or-other.   Anyway, I digress.

Back to what I was saying…  A new song I had never heard before came on the radio while I was lying in bed this morning.  It’s called Haven’t Met You Yet, by Michael Buble.   Immediately it reminded me of Love Song, by Sara Bareilles, because it pretty much IS Love Song, but with a different melody.  I actually didn’t recognize the melody at all, which might mean that it’s original, but given how much I recognized the piano riff, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the melody was ripped off from another song too.

Who Michael Buble is, I couldn’t tell you.  I know nothing about him other than that he sucks, and that he blatantly ripped off Sara Bareilles.  If he had a brain he’d at least pick a song that wasn’t hugely popular so recently.  He could have ripped off some old song and no one would have known.

One item that I find interesting here is that under most circumstances in pop music, the melody is really the most important hooking factor, and the rhythm is generally a secondary component.  However, Sara Bareilles’ Love Song hooked everyone with both a memorable melody and with an extremely catchy, rhythmic, syncopated piano riff.

Usually when one artist accuses another of ripping off a song, it’s the melody that’s the center of the debate.  However, in this case, Michael Buble’s melody is definitely very different from that of Sara Bareilles’ Love Song.  Instead of stealing the melody, Buble and his co-writers apparently just took the catchy piano riff and changed the chords.  The riff in Haven’t Met You Yet still sounds like Love Song, but Haven’t Met You Yet as a whole song just plain sucks.  It’s ultra-mediocre with an unappealing melody, and there just isn’t a single thing about it that makes someone want to listen to it aside from the catchy piano riff.  And since he “borrowed” the catchy piano riff in the first place, what does he really have here with this song?  Why would any radio station ever consider playing it?

Here’s a quick comparison of the two piano riffs. You decide:

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